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Property Week collects the details and tracks the asking prices of ALL the properties that come onto the market (currently in greater Dublin, Co Wicklow, Cork city & Galway city only) through estate agents' websites. We store this information in fully searchable, archived databases to provide you with a complete picture of the market you are researching. (Commercial property data is restricted to Dublin only for now.)

Whether as a subscribing property professional searching the databases yourself, or as a purchaser of one of our reports (BUYERS AND SELLERS CLICK HERE » to order a report for your local market), you can very quickly get fully up to speed on the details and price histories of all the relevant properties as well as the trends and activity levels in your local market. Subscribing estate agents, valuers, developers or mortgage providers can in moments produce detailed comparables for appraisals and valuations, reference material for clients, and general market research for a complete understanding of the dynamics of a particular aspect of the market.

The information we can provide you will save you massive amounts of time, help you make better property-related decisions, and (if you work in the property sector) help you win new business.

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To arrange a personal demo of Property at your offices, contact Paul on the details below. A demo will take only 10 minutes whereas subscription could save you hours every week!

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What is Property
Property is an online property comparables and research service accessible only to property professionals. Our trade only service is designed to help improve the accuracy of residential valuations and provide comprehensive, up to date property news as well as improving the efficiency of planning, development land and commercial property research.

What does a subscriber have access to?
Full subscribers have access to all the tabs as seen below . . .

Property data is updated daily and weekly depending on location and has a dedicated support staff available to resolve any user difficulties. This support staff also vets the data to minimise inaccuracies.

Where does Property obtain its data?
Property gleans its data from national and regional newspapers as well as from trawling property agents’ websites.

Are the prices displayed achieved or advertised prices?
Prices displayed on Property are, at the moment, advertised prices, but we hope to be able to track achieved prices in the future.

What about gaps?
On request, we also provide free additional research for subscribers, updating our system with all relevant data available. This means you can be sure that when you search, the results are as complete as possible.

Does Property cover the whole country?
Property covers all the major markets throughout Ireland but data collection is most authoritative in the Greater Dublin Area (including Kildare, Meath and Wicklow), as it has been collected in these areas the longest.
Other areas covered include Cork city and county, Galway city and county, Limerick, Clare, Wexford, Kilkenny, Drogheda and Dundalk.

Does Property track price changes?
Property tracks all properties which have been listed at one price and thereafter are relisted at a different price. Such properties are instantly searchable to subscribers. We also track if a property has changed agent.

Can I print results found using Property
Subscribers can refine their search results by eliminating rows or columns from the original search results and print their tailored results by clicking a ‘Print Results’ button. Results are printed in an appealing, auto-formatted style . . . perfect for presenting as evidence to a potential client or vendor!